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Residential and Commercial projects of Interior design
align with configurable Smart Technologies and Lighting Design .

Interior Design

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Smart Techonologies

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Lighting Design

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Gadget Managment System

Touch Screen, Smart Phone, TV Screen Control, Internet Access - Through biometric reading templates like fingerprint, retinal pattern and/or voice pattern, you can control access to entries of the house, in addition to "customize" the environment according to a registered user profile.

Home Cinema and Smart TV

Sit back and relax on your couch to enjoy a nice movie with a touch of a button set the mood lighting of your desire, close the curtains if you wish, adjust the volume and room temperature to maximise the experience.

Multi-room Audio/Music

The multi-room sound environment can be controlled by installing columns in certain divisions linked to a central sound system, each user can choose what to hear in the room. You can also share music from your personal device, such as mobile phone or MP3 player, to the home network.

Lighting & Dimming Control

Control your lighting at anytime and from anywhere through the app. If you haven't got your smart device near you, simply use the switch. No complicated touch panels, no high-tech wizardry. Just simple lighting control made smart.

HVAC Control

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. You can program it or control it on your smart device.

Security Systems

We can equip your home with automatic control devices, such as intrusion and panic alarms, fire and smoke control, internal surveillance cameras and systems that you can access and control remotely.

Curtain Control

Let your imagination take over. How about setting an 'afternoon nap button' which would close your bedroom curtains for 30 minutes as you enjoy a nice nap and after the time has past they will open them again to wake you up gently?

Garden Irrigation

Not in the mood to water your grass and plants? Simply program your Smart garden irrigation system with moisture sensors, it will do the job for you.

Panel Solar System

Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it.

About us

IDTECH4U has a team of engineers, architects and designers that after many years of experience, understood something should be changed in the normal way to think interior design projects. We have to stop and understand the need to incorporate smart technologies in our living spaces. For us it is time to stop and see how we can increase life quality, create many more solutions and customize ideas when we project interior design with engineers and architects working as team.

This is our concept in 3 main steps of design:

  • Interior Design
  • Smart Technologies Design
  • Lighting Design

All architects and engineers should be working as a team by unison: “We could achieve more by joining force and speaking more in unison” – CEO Ricardo Cunha

It is time to leave the past!
Go ahead to the future!
Go ahead with another concept!

IDTECH4U aspires to bring innovative, modern and creative solutions to our clients and improve each project with practices of smart sustainable living. The confidence of our clients in our work and honesty will be the bridge to create long-term relationships. The detail and high standard level of quality of our products, services and work are our pride and reference for our clients. We will introduce the new generation of technologies to the global market. Mixing the technologies with the interior design style chosen by our clients and exceed their expectations in each project is our main goals.


smart homes take advantage of automation technology and modern building techniques to give homeowners a new level of control. Smart homes may be built from scratch with automation as a key design goal, or constructed from existing homes during a major renovation. In both cases, smart homes offer several advantages over conventional homes.


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Smart home security systems do a better job of preventing intrusions and home invasions than security systems that require manual settings

Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation

One of the initial objectives of creating smart homes was to conserve energy via automating home energy usage


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Smart homes have the ability to make home life easier and far more convenient for the owner. In a world so demanding of our time, who wouldn't love being able to control entertainment, lighting and temperature from their lounge or even from their phone?


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"Superhomes," as smart homes are often called, present the best sound and visual quality available for home entertainment systems.

Our Process

It is time to change the standard way to project and build interior design, it is time to change the actual concept and unit strengths that the market shows as separate. Our concept is to change the paradigm of interior design and we are showing our clients how important it is to know how to combine interior design with smart technologies design and lighting design in one project.

Our new concept have 3 main steps and all architects and engineers should be working as team by unison:

work together idtech4u as the client wants

Initial Contact / Establish relationship

“Together with the client, the team will achieve more by joining forces and thinking on the solutions for each particular project.” – CEO and Founder, Ricardo Cunha

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Meeting with Client to discuss initial ideas

We are only sure that we are going well if we take care of all the details in every single step, we can only ensure it when all of us, Architects and Engineers, create and design as a team. After that we will provide the client his dream of an exceptional and unique project in the world. We feel happy by exceeding all expectations!

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Present Ideas to Client

We explain all details of the design process to our clients, dealing with our projects as a blank canvas, we provide mood boards, projection drawings, render plans and elevations, details and 3D images to ensure our Clients are visualising the end result of their wishes.

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For the Contractors

Working drawings for implementation with detailed plans, elevations and sections, showing layouts, materials and finishes, as well as construction methods. Axonometric and/or isometric projections are also a possibility.

Frequently Asked Question

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What is a Turn-key Furniture Package or a Furniture Solution?

Turn-key Furniture Package or a Furniture Solution mean exactly the same. It is just a different way to say if we use our own furniture to design a project for our client. We can only start this kind of projects in the first quarter of 2017 after opening our own shop in Dubai. We expect to open our shop with our own brand and design of furniture, as well as with the best and more reliable brands in the world that reflect modern, contemporary, european, american and arabic styles.

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What is bespoke interior design?

Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. Our Bespoke Interiors Design are rich in harmonious suggestions focused on the client. For us the Bespoke projects can not be more then an inspiration in a specific style of the interior designer. First, we believe this kind of projects can not be more separated of technologies, for us, the project should be created not just for an interior designer but for a team with interior designers and engineers. Second the inspiration of the team shouldn’t come just from the knowledge that we have in one style and in the market, to reach a perfect and passionate inspiration we have to combine this knowledge with the past, present and future life of our client.

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What style can you do?

We can do any style our Clients identify with, however we are specialised in a modern, ultra-modern, contemporary, European, French chic, American, Arabic and eclectic styles.

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How much does it cost?

For our Bespoke Interior Design jobs, we charge a design fee based on your entire budget for the project. In our initial meeting we will discuss the budget as well as the different stages of payment for project. As a guideline we would normally recommend a budget that is 10-15% of the total value of the property or 15-20% when including smart technologies and lighting design.

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What do I get for the design fee?

A bespoke interior design project will require many weeks of work by our Architects and Engineers. You will be provided working drawings, 3D renders, elevations, moodboards and a specification book as well as site visits, sourcing of furniture and managing of external contractors.

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How long does it take?

This depends on the availability of materials and the style you are after. If all items are sourced locally then we can complete most projects within 3 months. If all items are sourced from outside the UAE such as Europe and the USA, then you can expect a turnover time of around 6 months.

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